NFP Insurance Services

By carefully assembling a core group of highly regarded life insurance companies, NFPAS matches the planning needs of our clients with the right mix of diverse products and manufacturing strengths.

One of the advantages of this Core Carrier relationship is the creation of dedicated resource units that have been designed specifically for Kestra Financial acquired firms and affiliates. This gives our firm a direct voice in the development of products and resources for our clients.

In addition Kestra and PartnersFinancial have developed strategies in conjunction with the Core Carriers' legal and plan design specialists to help you make informed decisions about the products that best achieve your goals for wealth transfer, wealth management, corporate benefits, and business transition plans.

Life insurance product decisions converge on two critical issues-suitability and performance, and NFPAS pioneered client-friendly decision analysis with its proprietary Life Insurance Design Questionnaire.

This tool gives clients a clear understanding of the conceptual goals behind different types of policies, reducing the range of product options to those most suitable to your specific objectives. You can evaluate how different assumptions affect product performance and can develop guidelines for choosing the right product.

NFPISI has added other proprietary resources, such as an Underwriting Advocate and Wealth Design Center.

  • Working with our medical director, the NFPAS Underwriting Advocate can negotiate favorable underwriting offers. Each client is evaluated based upon unique medical situations rather than how they fit into a statistical model.

  • Wealth Design Center's specialized knowledge provides comprehensive and tactical planning to clients.