Executive Planning Services

Our clients – successful businesses and the families who founded them – value a clearly defined path to help fund long-term business success and multigenerational wealth preservation. They realize the planning process can be complex, so they trust us to distill the process down to achievable objectives, flexible strategies, efficient implementation, and proactive management.

Executive Benefits

Employers want to achieve parity in delivering retirement benefits to employees and executives - but also need to contain costs and meet regulatory requirements. Having to return executives' 401(k) contributions because of plan limitations does not build commitment or attract talent. What solutions can help support retirement needs, while managing company and participant risk, and limiting administrative burdens?

Wealth Transfer

The practical impact of wealth transfer planning is to help assure that assets will go to the right people at the right time in the right manner to empower their heirs. But the ultimate challenge is how to transform a lifetime's work into a family and social legacy lasting generations. With all this at stake, we believe a collaborative approach is essential to achieving their goals. What resources make the difference?

Business Transition

After going through the risky stages of building their companies, business founders have high hopes about realizing the value of what they have created. Some want to groom family members or management to take over. Many expect to sell at a high multiple. A few have the potential to go public. But these opportunities don't just materialize, they are created by a planning process. What's the next step?